VA Disability Advantages and Marijuana

VA Disability Advantages and Marijuana
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00: 00 – Introduction
00: 12 – VA Press Beginning
01: 20 – VA and Marijuana: What to Secure into tale
03: 16 – Upcoming Marijuana Regulations
04: 18 – Conclusion

Even supposing many states within the U.S. grasp legalized utilizing marijuana for scientific and/or leisure insist, veterans will grasp to recollect the truth that federal rules nonetheless classifies marijuana as a Time table I Controlled Substance. Which formula it’s illegal within the eyes of the Federal govt and Veterans Affairs.

The Division of Veterans Affairs is required to be conscious all federal rules, including those concerning marijuana. As lengthy because the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies marijuana as a Time table I, VA effectively being care suppliers will also now not counsel it or attend veterans in obtaining it.

Though, feeble participation in snarl marijuana applications does now not grasp an impression on eligibility for VA care and products and services. Suppliers can and develop discuss about marijuana insist with veterans as section of total care planning and adjust remedy plans as mandatory.

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